Friday, March 28, 2008

Lifeflix Rewind

Another busy week over! Have a great weekend everybody and thank you so much for all your nice comments this week.

I'm watching Martha right now and Eric Ripert from Le Bernardin is cooking this amazing Halibut dish -- definitely gonna try to cook that next week, I can't wait!!!

Are you a locavore? Local Fork is a great source - find out what's produced locally, where you can get it and when.
Make your own undies? and other Etsy Lab classes
Tag I'm it! Learn 6 new things about me.
Rustic Proscuitto Sandwich A no-time-to-cook special, that still looks like you put in the effort!
Recycled Catalog Notebooks A mini craft project that I've started in order to keep my sanity!
Fuss-Free Steak with Olives Another fast and simple weekday dinner.
Oh and check out Patty's blog over at PVE Design, she's been doing this awesome desk vignette series all week and guess who submitted her craft corner.

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