Friday, August 31, 2007

Beauty: Latest encounters (Essie, Flirt! and Nivea)

Happy Friday and it's a 3-day weekend - yay! See you next Tuesday.

Zandra has a day off today and I've suckered her into taking my killer Friday spin class, so I'll be meeting her in Union Square shortly. If we make it out alive, we'll be visiting a couple of fabric shops - can't wait to check out Purl Patchwork. I hope I remember to take pictures.

UPDATE: we ended up going to City Quilter and was happy with the selection that we didn't feel the need to go elsewhere. I bought tons of supplies for animal making!

Anyway, here are my latest beauty finds...

Essie Good to Go!,
So you know how much of a treat it is to get your nails done... well, to save money I started doing my own. So I took a trip to Duane Reade to replenish my home supplies. I found two new colors - a nice dark purple color and a nice dark blue one. I also grabbed a bottle of Essie's Good to Go top coat ($10). A little on the pricey side, but it was so worth it. I did my nails last night, the dark vampire color (2 coats) and then topped it with one coat of this stuff. It's even better than Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. I must've smashed my nails into several objects just after 5 minutes of putting it on and no marks! Went to bed shortly and no blanket marks!! This product is true to its name. Incredible.

Flirt DREAMY EYES™ Eyeshadow Palette - Party Purple
I received a sample of this not too long ago. Flirt! along with Vanessa Minnillo, created this exclusive limited edition eye-shadow palette line. I know how some of you can't stand Vanessa Minnillo (and how some of you support her - you know who you are) but I have to say that the product is pretty good. Let's start with the packaging - love it; it slides out so it won't take up to much space in your beauty bag. Colors - love the Party Purple palette. I love purple shadows, I just think it's one of the few colors that work well with most skin tones. The two center shadows add a subtle shimmer to the eyes, a nice highlighting effect. Texture - it's very light so your eyes don't feel caked on. I still have to report back on the longevity factor once the temperature cools off. I don't think it would be fair to judge it when most things generally melt off my face during the summer months. Oh and don't forget to enter to win Flirts! Hit List sweepstakes. You could win two sets of eyeshadow palettes, shiny lipgloss duos, eye pencils, mascara and blush! They just need your name and an email address.

Nivea Dry Confidence Deodorant
So after 1 month of using the new Secret formula, I've decided that it wasn't working the way it used to. I bought 3 different types of deodorant from Boots when I was in the UK. I figured I might as well try as many as I can. I've been using the Nivea one for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I usually don't like roll-ons but this one is great (at least for now). Like all Nivea products, it has a nice light fresh scent. A little sticky when you first put it on, but once it dries I'm good to go. I guess I'll cross my fingers and report back in a month. Unfortunately it's not available in the US so if I do end up liking it past the 1-month mark, I'll have to sweet talk Mrs. H to send over a quarterly care package.

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