Thursday, July 26, 2007

"The freedom of freshness": Secret Clinical Strength

I first heard about Secret Clinical Strength back in March from one of my favorite blogs Not Martha (this was the first blog that I ever read, wow it's been like 5+ years - we all know that that's a record). Surprisingly, it took me a while to find it around here and I never really thought about ordering it online. I finally found it at Rite Aid (1st Ave/5th Street), of all places!?! That place is such a mess and they never have anything in stock. But the world's friendliest cashier works there. I don't know her name, but she is always so cheery and always makes it a point to be nice. If I ever open up my shop, I'm going to recruit her.

WARNING: You are about to experience TMI*...
Let's just say that I have a slight sweating issue during the summer months. Fortunately for the public, it's only a sweating issue and not a smelly one. It tends to act up when I'm wearing tops that have sleeves that cut right at the pits or if I wear non-absorbent fabrics or blends. So anyway, I was so excited to use it the following morning but didn't realize/remember that the stuff had to be applied at night for "optimal performance". I was way too excited to wait another day, so I chanced it and applied it in the morning and left for work. It didn't work so well.

It's been a month since I started using the stuff and it works like a charm. I highly recommend it. I don't even have to apply it at night (only when I remember to). I also don't apply 2 clicks per pit, more like 1 click. Another plus is its light scent, it isn't overwhelming at all. One negative is, like most deodorants, it does rub off on clothes. What's up with that? You'd think someone would be able to figure this out? Even the Degree product that claims to have fixed the issue does not work.

I'm really happy with it, but I'm going to switch to another brand (let me know if you have any recommendations) once I'm through with the tube. Like everything else in life, I believe it pays to switch out beauty products every now and then. I strongly believe that deodorant is one of those products that loses its spark & effectiveness once you get accustomed to the formula - shampoo is another one.

So give it a try if you're willing to admit that "your body chemistry causes you to perspire more than the average woman..." Check out, it has videos and everything!

*too much information


Karen said...

Dove all the way!!! I've been using Dove Ultimate Clear for a VERY LONG time. Unless nobody is telling's been working for me through the years. AND...i must say that I don't have the problem of rub off...not like other brands I've tried.

Marichelle said...

I do love the mildness of Dove - it works for me during the winter months but not quite powerful enough for the warmer months. I think you may be one of the lucky ones Karen. Next you're going to tell me that your legs are completely hairless and you don't need to shave! I may be in risk of losing the 2 guy readers that I have if I continue down this road =)

Jee said...

Try Certain Dry. You only wear it at night, before going to bed, and shower it off in the morning. No residue on clothes and after a while, you don't even have to apply it every night. It works like a miracle!

Yes, I'm reading your blog from the beginning.

Marichelle said...

Hi Jee - thanks for the suggestion, I'm hoping that the arrival of Fall and cooler temperatures will help ease the "issue" =)