Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up: books, rag doll and old faves

Monday again... (it's ok though because these weeks have been flying and before you know it I'll be saying Happy Friday again).

This weekend was filled with old favorite recipes, new books and a new project.

FRIDAY, was great because I finally met up with that old friend that I wrote about a while ago (When do you call it quits?). It's crazy how much time passes and and how much things change so it's a pleasant surprise when some things never change. Five years we were both in very different "situations" so the next step is to meet up with each other's other halves - I'm looking forward to it. By special request, I made a huge tray of the Banana Cream Pudding; which I've been digging into since Friday!!

I started a doll that I'm making for my niece Alex, she's turning three in a couple of weeks. I got so frustrated working on clothes for the doll and had to take a break. So instead I made one of our favorite pasta dishes to alleviate the frustration - Black Fig and Chilli Tagliatelle.

SATURDAY was full of buzzing. I woke up super hungry and was craving a big breakfast. So after spin we went to the Moonstruck Diner, where I had two eggs over easy, crispy corned beef hash, home fries with toast. I almost finished the whole thing - I wish I took a photo (photo on left is not actual) but I was starving and only had one thing on my mind - stuffing my mouth as fast as I can, I'm not really sure what came over me!

More buzzing:

  • headed over to Hillsy's office for an hour - he had to work on something so I surfed and searched for new recipes for the week.
  • pit stop at Purl Patchwork to buy cotton fill
  • headed back east, bought black yarn for the doll's hair at Downtown Yarns
  • grocer's to pick up a few ingredients for the dinner
  • ... and just when I thought it was over, I remembered that I had books waiting for me at the library!

I decided to make the no-fry fried chicken for dinner - I just love this stuff.

SUNDAY was nice and relaxing. It's nice not having to put on the alarm! I made pancakes topped with bacon smothered in maple syrup - I nice start to any day right?

Read a couple of books and worked some more on Alex's doll.

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