Friday, August 10, 2007

Weekend Read

Hope everyone makes the most out of this weekend. Summer weekends are dwindling down...

Are you a pagan? Looking for local people also interested in human powered vehicles? Well, check out - whatever your interests are, wherever you are...
I'm an inactive member of the NY Metro Discover Chocolate Meetup group. I never actually attended any of the meetings, but it sounded like a great idea back when I was interested in opening up a chocolate shop =)

I just bought this set of six blank greeting cards made from offset prints of hand ink drawings on vintage books pages (drawn by Lisa Congdon). I plan to frame each one, I think they'll look nice against our brick wall. Can't wait. Check out her Etsy store, there are some great pieces there, I'll have to save up some money first.

Image from Lisa Congdon

I've been thinking about doing some painting around the apartment (kitchen especially), but with the recent leaking ceiling issue I think that this thought will soon be a reality. Anyway, instead of painting the kitchen, I'm seriously thinking about buying these great wall decals from Elly Nelly (thanks to Notes on a Napkin and decor8 for sharing). I was also planning on putting up towel brackets to hang pots and pans, just like you see here --- it's going to look great! The blue is going to great with the blue tile counter =)

Image from Elly Nelly

This work is so inspiring...
gibbous creates garments that are made one by one from bits and pieces of discarded history. Check out the "stitches" section for amazing images and styling. Some of the shots are eerie (not in a bad way) - love it. This goes back to the entire idea of never having to buy anything brand spanking new (how appropriate... right after the BUY section)

"we believe clothes can have souls. we believe clothes should really be worn. lovingly mended, kept a lifetime & passed down. they can be dear as an old friend or childhood home."

*found while browsing Pinky Brown

A new blog to read:

Check out Tina's blog at It's in Swedish, but even if you can't understand it - it's worth looking through her images. She has some great food shots up. I finally got the nerve to leave a comment on her site to ask if it was possible for her to send me a recipe in English. She was so nice and said that she would try to get her son to translate it for me. The blogworld is too kind =)

Thinking about starting a business or looking for inspiration?
Here are some great reads: (also has a great podcast)

Just a few recipes that I have my eye on. Hopefully they'll be part of my Last Night's Dinner series soon!

(Rice Balls)

Magnolia's Vanilla Cupcakes
Dark Chocolate Muffins
Parmesan Tomato Tart

Images (L to R) from Martha Stewart, Magnolia Bakery, and last two from Baking Bites (love this site)

Enjoy the weekend! Speak to you on Monday.


tina said...

Hi there! I took a fast look at the pictures in our blog today...hey,I was very happy when I saw my blog here...and all the kind words about it!!! Thanks !!You are so nice!!! Here comes the recipie....
Ingrediense: 6 hectogram Peache (abborre in Swedish)
3 dl cream
1 sliced tomato
and chopped chive
Fry the fillet perch an spice with salt and pepper.Put the sliced tomato into the pan. Pour the cream and let it be warm. Put some chopped chive over the dish.
This is a wery easy dish to make...but the simple is almost always the best ...dont you think !!!
Have a nice evening !
I placed your blog in my links,hope it´s ok!!!
Tina =)

Marichelle said...

Thanks Tina, I will definitely give this a try and let you know how it turns out.