Monday, August 13, 2007

How was your weekend?

"How was your weekend?"
- the most asked question at the workplace on Monday mornings (worldwide) - ok I made that up.

Friday night: Stomach cramps. Other than that, a nice evening at home.
Saturday: 9:30am spin class. Quick bite to eat at Le Pain Quotidien. Bought a present for my friend Jenny's 2 year old. Went to the hair salon with the intentions of coloring my hair blue but only ended up getting my bangs/fringes trimmed. They didn't have the colors I wanted. Dinner at Westville again to try the corn on the cob (fantastic!). Had the pan seared scallops (fantastic 2x!). Watched The Bourne Supremacy (great Saturday night movie - fantastic 3x!)
Sunday: 9:30am coffee. 2pm birthday party in Long Island. 9pm Pork Burrito take-out from Puebla (one of my favorite take outs in the East Village).

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