Friday, March 14, 2008

Lifeflix Rewind

Wow this has been one crazy week. I unexpectedly launched baby #2 and bedtime has been getting later and later. I can't wait until I get into the groove of things and manage to maintain both sites effortlessly (it will happen right?)

Hillsy's friend and his wife from Portland, Oregon are visiting for the weekend and they arrive early today. I hope the weather cooperates so that we can show them a decent time. I'm sure most of it will revolve around food.

Have a great weekend everyone! Thank you sooooo much for all your support. All your comments on LIFEFLIX and Heart Handmade have really made my week!!

:: SPAM - a World War II special
:: Pork Tenderloin with Savoy Cabbage
:: Yes, I am a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ addict!
:: Bread Pudding
:: The best bagel shop in the East Village to close
:: Heart Handmade prematurely launches
:: Dissapointing K-town dinner (can't wait for Jee's alternative option)
:: Overdue check-up
:: Design for Mankind rocks!

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