Thursday, March 13, 2008

Last Night's Dinner #94: K-town

I've been craving Korean food since the weekend and I finally got my wish last night. A couple of phone calls and there we were - a couple of friends sitting around a suped-up table, grilling thin slices of meat (bulgogi my fave).

I had such high expectations for the meal, but unfortunately they were not met. For some reason I thought that the food would be 100x better in Korean town (aka K-town), generally bordering 31st and 36th (between 5th and 6th Avenues). You'll find most of the restaurants and bakeries on 32nd Street a.k.a Korean Way. Anyway, I chose to go to Kum Gang San. For no reason in particular, other than the fact that I've eaten there once before + I couldn't resist the Mohegan Sun like rock boulders that welcome you as you enter the restaurant. The staff was very pleasant. They were very patient with our group, who took what seemed like thirty minutes to figure out the menu, only to be told that we were definitely under-ordering for six people. Of course the idiots that we were, we went against his better judgment and added only one more dish to our order and ended up hungry after dinner!

Banchan - small side dishes served along with the meal. Kimchi, tofu, squid in sweet/spicy sauce, saute├ęd mushrooms were just some of the ones served last night.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing when there's a Pinkberry to the rescue four stores down =)

Although the food was underwhelming (not sure I would trek it back up there if the craving was to hit again), it was great to see some of my friends in the middle of the week - definitely not the norm!

I honestly have had more satisfying meals at Dok Suni and at Bonjoo both in walking distance from our apartment. Although, I do have to give us some credit for attempting to venture out further than 10 blocks from our apartment!


Jee said...

You really like bulgogi over kalbi? And what up with all the seafood on the grill??? Sigh.

I take all my non-Koreans to Shilla on 32nd now instead of Kum Gang San. Their kalbi is pretty good.


Jee/Alia, that settles where our next meeting will be!