Thursday, August 9, 2007

These boots are made for singing in the rain

I'm in the market for new rain boots or wellies as the brit would say. My current ones have this really bad odor, they smell like car tires. I wore them all year and walked around smelling like Jiffy Lube.

Too many options, I can't decide! Here are a few of my picks:
Left to right: Yellow Steve Madden Trixee $45, Chooka Tiny Whales $60, J.Crew Bright Solid Wellies $59.50, J.Crew Wellies with Laces $68, Polkadot Rain Boots $39.50


Tom said...

J.Crew Wellies would be my pick for you. Chooka tiny whales would be nice for you to have on weekends. Oh correction for the brits, that would be Week...end.

best to say it in filipino/brit accent.

simplicity is beautiful said...

I like the yellow steve madden ones, mainly becuase of the contrasting last and the yellow. Classic, fun, modern and cute. The yellow is a bit fisherman-like, I suppose, or Morton-salty. But the other details are spot-on.