Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Projects

I can hardly lift my fingers to write this post - for the first time in a long time, I'm physically exhausted and can't even think about moving. Wow I'm so sore. We worked so hard this weekend, we're talking manual labor, back-breaking type of stuff but it does feel good to know that we probably saved at least $900 doing the work ourselves. And although I just want to submerge my entire body in an ice bath, I have to admit that there is a tinge of joy and a sense of accomplishment and an ongoing holy crap I can't believe we just did that feeling.

We finished removing the shrubs and trees (not the dogwood) from the front yard, including roots. The last one that we saved for last was the toughest and it took us pretty much all day Sunday to dig out the roots. We had 30 minutes of sunlight left and we were both feeling defeated then all of a sudden the thing started to budge and we knew we had done it.

The final steps seem so much easier now that the hard part is over. I just need to dig up the actual flower beds and replant shrubs a couple of new trees and a bunch of perennials. It sounds a lot, but anything is easier than digging up a stubborn stump.

On the good news front, I think I found my teal. It's got the right amount of punch but in a very neutral way. I'm 99% sure about it and I'll just sit on it for another couple of days before making the final decision.

Oh and before our laborious weekend began, we did get to enjoy our Friday night. My friends Jessica and Pablo got married - it was a beautiful wedding. The food was AMAZING. We walked into cocktail hour and spotted a whole roasted pig wearing sunglasses. Hillsy and I instantly looked at each other and at that moment, we knew that it was going to be hands down the best cocktail hour we've attended this year. (It actually was)

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