Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good times with paint

OK, so not all painting jobs are annoying as finding the perfect shade for an exterior door...

I bought a pair of these {pretty} cheap IKEA floor lamps to serve as lighting in our dining room. For some odd reason, there's no built in ceiling lamp in there. I had the electrician come in and he said it would cost approximately $450 to get one installed - so for now we have these 2 lamps in there.

I love painting furniture and anything else that I can get paint to stick to (choosing colors, well that's another story). I bought a can of primer and a can of white (not stark white) spray paint from Home Depot - and basically went to town on these two. I did everything in the garage, which made me feel so bob villa-esque!

The white really brings out the nice shape of the stand so I'm SUPER happy with this mini project that took less than an hour to complete - maybe not counting drying time in between coats (1 coat primer, 2 coats paint).

I'll have to take a pic with the shades on them.

Update on the exterior door situation. So this was also in my inspiration notebook. As a last resort, I'll try to match this shade and buy a sample.

If the acqua/teal thing doesn't work I'm going to go for this palette. I love the yellow but weary of the diarrhea-like nature of some yellows with a tint of green in it. But I definitely love the grey + yellow thing, just need to find the perfect shades to make it work. Maybe I'll stop by the paint shop again tomorrow.

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Mj & Gerald said...

you're a genius with ideas!!! Love the floor lamp idea!!! BTW, ck out home depot or lowes special monthly....they come up with this $99 installation specials on diff. home projects every now and then!!!