Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Color Blind

I found something that I hate as much (if not more) than baking... choosing paint colors! I've been dying to change the shutters and door color of the house since Day -5, but I just can't seem to find the right color. I've already decided on the actual color for the shutters - Sherwin Williams, Wall Street (at least I think I have) but it's the accent/door color that I'm having issues with.

It's such a hard decision coz there are different factors to consider...
like fitting in the neighborhood or avoiding colors that are already in use.

Last weekend I was toying with doing a grey shutters and habanero red door thing - but then I went out running and saw a house with the exact shades, so I scratched that idea. So now I'm back to the grey and acquamarine/teal thing but I just can't seem to find the perfect shade of acqua/green/blueish that works. HELP!

Sherwin Williams - Aquarium: I think it may be a little too loud/vibrant

Sherwin Williams - Mariner: Still not right, a little less vibrant than Aquarium but still not right!

Hmmm, maybe yellow!!!! You see the background pattern of this site? OOOhh maybe I'll find a less mustard yellow and do a yellow/grey/white thing :) I hate being a Libra!


IamSusie said...

I like the yellow grey and white combo better than this aqua. Aqua is quite whimsical as an exterior color. One of my neighbors has this color as their trim and it is very very bright.

My favorite choice of these you've given is the one where you would have a red door.

I hope you have the nice kind of neighbors who don't think it is any of their business what you decide to do with your lawn. My neighbor and I prefer our lawns longer and a little bit shaggy. We call it a "natural look". Every year I widen the garden beds and decrease the lawn just a little bit. Lawns are so high maintenance.

Karen said...

my vote is for mustard yellow!!! the aqua is looking a bit 'hey....look at me!!" :-)

Jee said...

Marichelle, just go with Hex #0099FF.

Mj & Gerald said...

whatever u choose....whatever makes u happy!!!! Not are the one who's gonna' enter that door every single day.... but then again...u can always change the colors every season....don't be afraid of colors...looks at us...all white!!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

If only you can create your own color by simply picking your own Hex #

Marichelle said...

hey Susie, I have a couple of more shades to try and if that doesn't work out I'll switch to yellow!

Karen, i'm just afraid of it looking like poop on a wall :)

jee - too funny! good times!

mj - thanks, i just wish I wasn't so fickle

jade - theoretically i guess you could coz they supposedly color match