Monday, October 29, 2007

Lifeflix TOP PICKS...

I was talking to Zandra on Friday and was giving her bridal registry ideas... so I thought it would be useful to publish an ongoing must-have/wishlist feature on the site. Coz lord knows that I always have a running list of I wish I hads...

I created a Lifeflix TOP PICKS amazon "store" so that I can have a dedicated section for product recommendations and easy links to buy. I've created several categories like kitchen tools, beauty, stuff for the home etc.

You can easily access the shop from the middle nav bar.

I'll be updating the "shop" on a regular basis and will hopefully refer to it often. Although it looks like amazon is now carrying everything under the sun from cans of tuna to external hard-drives and even my favorite eye cream - I'll continue to post my "must-haves" and "beauty-finds" as usual with product links to other online sources.

Use it as a resource, comparison shop (I would) although for the most part amazon actually does offer competitive prices. I do get a tiny commission if anyone ends up ordering through my "store" - but please know that that's not my motivation for doing this, I just really do enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas and thought that this was an excellent way to organize my product recommendations and would also be a good user experience at the same time!

Just to be clear... this does NOT mean that my product recommendation/review posts will now be limited to amazon-only available products =)

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