Monday, September 10, 2007

How to... make perfect cold brewed iced coffee

Last week Karen asked me how I made my Cold Brewed Iced Coffee. I told her that it was pretty simple, I just used a pitcher and hand filtered the brewed coffee into another pitcher when it was ready.

Yesterday, Karen gave me an advanced birthday present... she said that it would make my life easier.

I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite kitchen equipment...

Thanks Karen!! All I had to do was press and presto! The iced coffee came out perfect!

I used 8.5 rounded tablespoons (Cafe Du Monde French Roast) for 32oz of water (left it in the fridge overnight). Mr. Angel made us 2 extra large glasses of super-strength iced coffee. I think it's the final press that gives it that extra ooomph of bean-goodness. I handed Hillsy his glass this morning and (no joke) 3 seconds later I heard the straw slurping air/ice. Hooverific =)

Next I'll be trying Maxwell House - Ms. Karen swears by it!

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