Friday, July 20, 2007

Plan A, B, C...

I have to have a plan right? Or at least options in my head?

To be quite honest, I haven't thought about opening a store in a while. I haven't done any additional planning or research for it. I haven't touched my concept boards in months - I've basically allowed myself to put it out of my mind - at least for now. Right now I really want to take a crack at making things with my hands but I'm having a really tough time starting. I can't seem to find it in me to actually start something. I have a million bookmarks of projects to try, you've seen the new books, I've even written about potential projects (e.g., thrift dress, tearsheet notebooks) but I just can't get myself revved up. Oh no, I think I may be in a funk.

Instead of sewing or organizing tearsheets... guess who found herself sitting in a new Japanese salon for 3 hours getting full-on BANGS!!! AND thinking about doing something drastic to the color next week? Maybe the physical change will inspire a shift?

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