Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma!

Emma Cate - 5 months old

Emma Cate is now 5 months old!

Although she doesn't look that different from her 4 month shot a lot has changed since then. She's so much more animated this month and her personality is starting to really shine through! She's using both hands now, grabbing (my hair, nose, mouth), throwing (toys), thrashing (during tantrums)... I love watching her play, it's quite mesmerizing. She's also rolling over a lot, although she hasn't figured out how to get back on her back and has even begun napping on her tummy without going ape shit. She keeps herself occupied for longer periods of time and is starting to gravitate towards specific toys - her current favorite? She has a love/hate relationship with this Eric Carle Elephant rattle. Her favorite book at the moment is Spot's Noisy Peek-a-boo (thanks to grandad and nan)! My favorite? Making her giggle, her heartfelt giggles kill me! It's definitely an adventure and Hillsy and I look forward to seeing new developments everyday.

As for me - I still don't feel like myself. I'm guessing that that's just the way it's going to be until I stop breastfeeding. I feel so torn about the whole thing. Ideally I'd like to keep it going for at least a year but between you and me, I've been doubting my perseverance on a daily basis. I also need to force my anti-social self to go out and do mommy and me type of activities so she can be around other babies.

Feeds: 4x day + 1 dream feed at night
Sleep: ~12 hours during the night, her naps are a lot shorter these days - 90 to 120 minutes during the day
Size: She's outgrown most of her 3-6 months outfits/onesies last month and is now wearing 6 months
I don't have her current height/weight since we don't get to see the doctor this month. My guess is that she's close to 18 lbs and 26" long.


190.arch said...

She looks happy and healthy : )
Well, I think it's normal not to feel like you use to be before Emma Cate, I read about it and it seems that you become YOU again when your child gets 24 months... it takes a lot of time to become a mother. It seems that mother gets independent with her baby.
You're doing fine!
I have to say my daughter used to sleep less than 90 minutes during the day and she was a breast fan... 7 feeds x day, 1 or 2 x night.
You are lucky!
Tomorrow my Emma will turn 1 year old!!!
I love her with no measures : )

Adele {modernemotive} said...

My goodness, Emma is adorable. Such a beautiful little girl.

Esti Tisler said...

I recently stumbled on your blog and love to see how you are handling motherhood as I am also a new mother and our daughters are very close in age. Emma is just two weeks older than my daughter, Audrey. I know what you mean about breastfeeding. I also would like to go to a year but it's hard to feel so tied down. I'm hoping things will get better when she starts solids and breastmilk won't be her only source of food. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Ez said...

Oh Emma...you are just the sweetest girl (and hello, I love your outfit)! Happy 5th month!!

As far as breastfeeding goes Marichelle, you are certainly not alone. I most definitely felt that way when K was a wee one too. As soon as she starts eating more solid foods you will gradually start to get your body back to yourself. In general, motherhood is just such a huge adjustment, and you are doing amazing with all the changes. Congratulations to you and Hillsy for 5 months as parents! Emma is such a cheery bright-eyed baby - a great reflection of the wonderful parent you both are! xo Ez

Clementine said...

Your photos of Emma are just amazing, Marichelle. She's gorgeous and you're doing such a sweet job documenting it.

Beehive said...

She is so beautiful!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

I am with Cas, your photographs of her are always SO amazing hunnie! It doesn't hurt that little Em is absolutely adorable and gorgeous! Hi Em! Happy 5 months of being on this earth. We are so happy you are here. :) Don't worry, my friend. You will begin to fell more and more like yourself as time goes by. You are already over the biggest hurdle. And whether you continue to breastfeed or not, makes no difference. You are an amazing mama, and nothing will alter that. Call if you need me, ok?

Marichelle said...

@adele@beehive Thank you!! @ez thank you! I can't wait until solids :) @Esti yay someone else in the same boat! @clementine@melissa you guys are too kind. Thanks so much, it really helps to have a cutie pie as your model! @190.arch happy birthday to your sweet Emma!

carla said...

there are so many demands on a new mother these days to be this type of 'mom' which we see on the media. The nurturing always breastfeeding the child and happy to always change their nappy mother. I think many people don't understand the massive pressure we go through with breastfeeding and I had to do battle with myself when my baby was 3 months old. I just couldn't cope and do it anymore. Midwives, Male doctors would tell me to continue, but I knew what felt right for me first. Formulas nowadays have advanced so much that there is nothing wrong of bottle feeding your baby. As soon as he went on the bottle, I was so much happier because I got my body back. Other moms looked down on me, but I think they were just a little envious that I didn't have to be breastfeeding all day! My husband could do it, my in laws, my parents all enjoyed that time feeding my boy. And where was I? resting!!! That's right. Because I deserved it.
He also started solids around 3-4 months, cos they do get sick of milk eventually, and you start with rice cereal and move on to mash fruits to more solids in the future. It's all a learning curve. And I'm just glad that you're out there expressing yourself about how you feel. This makes you real!

PJ said...

Your photos of Emma are so bright and airy! I just adore them. I was wondering if you'd share how you set them up, where you take them, what settings you use, etc. Do you Photoshop them at all?

Marichelle said...

@carla thanks so much for your comment and for sharing your experience! @PJ Thank you! I take most of her shots in her crib, which is directly next to a window so it gets tons of natural light (I NEVER use the flash) so I get really bright photos. I process all my photos in Photoshop - resize, crop etc. I also adjust the brightness, levels, curves... depending on the quality of my light or if it's a particularly cloudy day. As far as camera settings - I'm ashamed to say that I haven't really mastered my camera (Nikon D5000) so I only use it on the "A" (aperture) setting.

milk tea + polkadots said...

She's adorable! and so is her name!

Anonymous said...

what a cute and happy baby!

Marichelle said...

Thanks Cindy and Donna!!

Mrs.French said...

gasp! oh you just know lu and emma would be friends...yet another reason to move to your neck of the woods (as if you and melis weren't enough)...she is perfection! xo t