Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Current Obsession: Jam Shortbread

Current Obsession: Jam Shortbread

Good news - I started working out again. Bad news - I'm addicted to these (I love my Apples for Jam cookbook!) and can't stop sneaking into the kitchen for a bite or two. AND yes, that's a jar of them in the background! (We already made two batches this week!)


Ez said...

These look SO good Marichelle! Loving the photo too! Gorgeous! xo

Donal said...

Hey Marichelle,

Randomly stumbled back upon your blog after a year or so and it's looking fab and congrats on your little baby! :)

All the best,

Donal x

Karen Cheung said...

Apples for Jam is an amazing cookbook. I love it too! I've been eyeing up that jam shortbread recipe for a while and I think you've convinced me to try it out. They look great.