Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Funk Over

Wow what a difference a day makes! Just wanted to quickly pop in and say that I'm officially over my funkattude!! I'm down to 9,340 photos (from 13,623) - having a project to keep my mind busy definitely helped! I also went to my prenatal yoga class this evening and by the time I got home, it was time to eat a yummy dinner (thanks Mom!) and catch the SYTYCD finale (go Lauren go!)

I also saw my OB yesterday and although she didn't give me the news that I was hoping for (apparently my cervix hasn't reached its optimum laboring position), she did assure me that there would be no need to induce for another two weeks unless she saw a decrease in amniotic fluid or if the baby was somehow in distress. Apparently my yoga instructor was at 42 weeks and some odd days when she finally went into labor and she wasn't induced (same OB!) - so that made me feel ten times better.

So all in all I'm in good spirits (thank goodness). Little Em has been kicking around like a maniac lately which in a way makes me happy. She seems to be enjoying herself in my tummy so I'll just have to deal! I think someone just wants to make a dramatic entrance AND she is half Filipino so I suspect being late to the party is in her blood. I know she has two more days until she's officially late but I guess I'm just mentally preparing myself for a longer wait so I don't get all bummed out if it doesn't happen.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

I smiled when you said her kicking around like a maniac makes you happy....I remember that feeling so well...I have a good feeling about the next couple of days! :) Keeping my fingers crossed my friend! :)

cindy said...

maybe she's inspired by SYTYCD and wants to dance? hang in there little mama!

Amie said...

I was 2 weeks late! It was warm and cozy in there and I just didn't want to get out. My mom was a crazy all-natural hippie throughout her whole pregancy and labor too (go mom!!! I hope I can go the all natural way when I have kids someday too) and they told her they were going to have to induce August 10. She was SO firmly against this that in a frustrated fit on August 8th she went to the beach and stomped around and went in the water and thrashed and jumped about, frustrated at my little body that was happy inside her tummy. She cursed me and the doctors and said 'WHY won't you just come OUT?!?!!??!?'

And at 4:00am on August 9th, I was born. :)

Sammi said...

It is strange how differently things are done in America when women are pregnant, I am sure glad I live in Europe.. just sayin'.

amy said...

Is it happening? No update since Tuesday!!!! Hope you are well :)

cutekittypunk said...

hey, i just stumbled upon your site via tastespotting while looking at chocolate cakes... yours looks amazing... i'm 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant myself... i cannot hardly wait till my little angel comes out... don't be fooled by the rubbish, long walks don't necessarily work... as i learned last night - i'm hoping i won't have to wait too long... good luck to you, too!!!

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jennifer said...

congrats, congrats, congrats a million times over marichelle!!!