Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hearts and toes

Thinking of ways to keep my mind occupied (Hillsy reminded me this morning that a watched kettle never boils)... so began project go through my 13,623 photos on my iMac - with the hopes of having them neatly organized into folders and safely backed up.



This should keep me pretty busy huh?

PS. Before he left for work, Hillsy also suggested that I spend the next couple of days crafting.

Hillsy: Why don't you spend the next couple of days crafting? Maybe you can make little stick animals.
Me: What are stick animals?
Hillsy: I don't know. Sounds like a good idea. Maybe you can make them for the nursery.

That made me laugh.


She Can't Decide said...

aw! "little stick animals" that does sound cute...

amy said...

that is super cute that he is thinking of crafting ideas for you!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Cutie pie Hillsy! Although you crafting for the next couple of days does sound awfully beautiful to make magic when you craft. Thinking of you....

Amie said...

Don't you love how straight men are so utterly UNcrafty? It's adorable in it's own way.

What a great idea with organizing the pictures! That's something I would kill to do but just don't have the time. You'll be happy you were stuck with a late baby when you've got all of your pictures in order, especially after the little one's born and you've got 1,000s more!

Don't worry, the little one will come soon enough. :)

Stay strong!

Paige said...

He's a smart one. You should go see some matinee movies in a theater too... you won't get to do that for a while! And, they can kill a whole afternoon :) Also, I have heard that foot massage can stimulate labor- so go get a pedicure!

liz stanley said...

haaa this is hilarious