Thursday, July 22, 2010

Current Fave: Inset Lace Bikini


Let's talk undies shall we?
Everyone (including books) recommends packing undies you don't care about in your overnight hospital bag. I get why, but unfortunately I've purged my drawers of these bad boys a while ago and replaced them with ones that I'd actually wear. For years I kept a drawer full of too small, worn elastic waist bands, what was I thinking types of undies that never saw the light of day. Not really sure why I kept them for so long?

I recently discovered the Super Soft Angels by Victoria's Secret line and purchased a whole bunch of them a couple of months ago. Little did I know that Puff Puss would be making a sudden appearance, making all thongs instantly redundant and completely out of the question (which unfortunately makes up about 90% of my stash). So what's a girl to do? I refuse to believe that Puff Puss is going be a permanent fixture around here so paying VS prices ($10 each if they're on sale) for a whole new set of larger-sized undies seems wasteful to me... Target to the rescue!

I found these NON-maternity bikinis that I absolutely love. They fit perfectly (I just had to buy M instead of S). The best part? They're only $5 each! Unfortunately I couldn't find them online so if you're interested, you'll have to go to your nearest Target. PS. They're cut low enough to accommodate a 9-month belly!


amy said...

I LOVE the Gillian & OMalley line - the bras and undies have the best fit for me and are super comfy.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Those are beautiful! Hmm...perhaps a run to target is in order! :)

Karen said...

ok...just bought them at Target (but they didn't have the ones in your pic...i just got the plain ones)...why do they look huge?? i guess i'll have to try them on! mind you...the whole display for Gilligan & O'Malley at my Target was bare...someone down here loves that brand! :-)

milk tea + polkadots said...

Gotta love Target!

I love that font you use. May I ask what it is? I thought it was Avenir LT Std.