Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Backyard Accessories

Homeowner rule #14: It will cost more than you think!

Why is ________ so freakin' expensive? Is something that comes out of our mouths way too many times. Patio furniture? Check. Redoing a driveway? Check. Buying plants for your garden? Check. I think you get the point.

I've been looking into arbors lately and can you believe you can spend up to $600+ on one? Crazy. The one I'm looking at doesn't fall anywhere near that. I just want to add some interest to the yard and at the same time I need something that can be used as a trellis (for the climbing Clematis).

We also need more lighting out in the back and although tea lights won't solve that issue, I've always loved the way hanging glass jars look. Photos are from Martha Stewart. I'll have to tackle this project soon. Anyone have any jam jars to contribute?

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Anonymous said...

love love clematis. I have 5 in my back yard. One hanging over the fence between us. They need little care (well, I prop the trellis every blue moon)...Good luck! I think it will all turn out beautiful!