Monday, April 27, 2009

Front Yard

It's all coming together! The front yard was one of the first things on my radar when we decided to purchase this house. We knew there was lots of potential hiding, somewhere... deep down in there.

Not sure if you guys remember, but one of the first things we did when we moved in was tackle the overgrown state of the bushes/trees out in the front. We pretty much dug everything out except for the Dogwood tree and planted new shrubs. Luckily the newly planted shrubs survived the harsh winter we had and everything is starting to bloom.

After reviewing several estimates, we decided to go with Avellino Custom Masonry to do our walkway. I'm aware that the pathway design is unconventional - the idea behind this is a 20-second adventure! Instead of a straight path to your house, you're giving the person a mini-adventure as they walk towards your house - a turn here, a tree, a turn there, oh look another tree... :) I also chose to go with straight edges versus a curved pathway because I actually like the contrast between the softness and less manicured nature of cottage-style landscaping/plant choices that I hope to be making and the actual walkway. There is a method to most of my madness.

They were scheduled to start work on Saturday but came by Thursday afternoon to start... hmmm.... when does THAT ever happen??? They had me there!

These guys were machines... the walkway was pretty much done by Saturday afternoon. Most of the work was in one day - really amazed at how quickly they worked (not to mention it was freakin' HOT on Saturday).

Hillsy and I worked all day yesterday, planting trees and we also started our garden out back. I'm really enjoying working on the yards, but I guess we'll have to see how green my thumbs are!

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Sammi said...

It looks fantastic Marichelle :)