Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun with Decals

I can't even tell you how many hours I spent last night sticking, unsticking, sticking, unsticking - I can't figure out where I want these darn things!

I originally bought these decals for the staircase but as I tried to find just the right position for them, I soon came to realize that I didn't really like them there. So I moved to the only wall left in the dining room...

I thought I was happy with my final placement, but after waking up and walking downstairs this morning - I'm not sure if I'm happy with the right wall - I don't like how the two taller petals are almost identical in position. Wonder how many more hours I'll be spending on this before I finally peel and stick???


b a i l e y d o e s n ' t b a r k said...

i like the first one, but i prefer how you have it now.
unless you add a third one|something to the first one.
three works well on that space.

if you're like me you probably already changed it around.

Liza said...

We are big BLIK fans. Love decals (especially since we're afraid of paint). We have an underwater scene in the baby's room, a chandelier in our dining room, and some Space Invaders action in the foyer. We just can't stop! Have fun w/it! XO, Liza

Arlene said...

LOVE THESE...I don't think you can do anything but good with them..they are YUM YUM YUM

Marichelle said...

RJ, thanks so much for your feedback on placement. Sheesh, how did humans ever function w/o computers???
Liza, do you have any tips on applications. I still haven't grown the balls to permanently attach them yet.
Arlene, so glad you like these and I think you're 100% right!

Mj Reed said...

love em' but whatever you do, please don't fall trying to peel and unpeel!!! don't wanna' hear any ER incident right now!!! HAHA!!
BTW, like it the way to did it!

Liza said...

We've used both the reusable and non-reusable kind. Like you, we cut it out and taped to the wall and marked in pencil where the top, bottom and sides should be so can keep that stuff in check.
Definitely a 2-person project; you need someone behind you eyeing the wall to let you know how it's looking before you STICK IT!

And what's the worst tht would happen...they're crooked. You can always just blame the house! XO, Liza