Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shopping Alert

Alright, I'm usually pretty good with shopping. Haven't really gone too ballistic lately and if I do it's usually stuff for the house. I always say, if you don't look then you won't be tempted. Right Z?

Well, I looked. And I was tempted. And ... *hillsy stop reading now*.... I gave in.

Target. I love you. But that's another post.
Today, I wanna share my latest home decor buys...

Cyclamen by Ilan Dei wall decal. (also like Anise) I've been so apprehensive about using decals, but I finally gave in when I saw these. And if I had concrete floors, these would be so mine!

I also snagged two fabric lanterns from India Rose. 25% off thanks to Daily Candy, can you really blame me?? I'm sure I can get cheap lamp cord kits at Ikea. I'm thinking living room or dining room for these.


Karen said...

ohhh...tell me how the decals turn know i've been eyeing a few for a while now, just can't get myself to experiment :-)

Ces said...

The lanterns..ohhwoww!!! you won't believe sis, i went to the store yesterday and bought stuffs to decorate my backyard for spring/summer :-) I'll consider the lanterns -

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Ack, ack! Wow! Wow! I love,love,love both of these and am slightly dizzy from how excited they make me! :)