Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home Improvement Challenge

Challenge: Unsightly wires
Solution: Black foamcore board ($6 each at Target) + double sided mounting tape + utility knife + self-healing cutting pad + ruler

We bought this IKEA shelving unit to use as a TV stand and at the time I didn't really give it much thought - it was cheap, right dimensions, neutral enough ... so why not? A couple of weeks later I realized that since there was no backing, the wires/plugs were all exposed and can be visible while sitting on the couch watching tv.

I was aimlessly walking around Target (I notice myself doing this quite often these days) and spotted these boards and knew it would be perfect. So I bought the last two black ones and hurried home to see whether it would work.

Measure and get a sense of the size that you'll need for each panel, keep in mind the measurement of all 3 so you don't end up with overlapped board panels. Fit them on the panels to make sure you but them the right size before sticking on the tape strips - just in case you have to go back and adjust the sizes.

Cut with an utility knife or xacto knife.

Cut double-sided mounting tape and attach to edges (don't peel the protective layer off until you're ready to mount). I had some leftover from the backsplash project but was too thick so I cut it in half.


Tada! It worked!

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