Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Projects

Thank you for all of your get well wishes! I'm feeling much much better and we're predicting that I'll be back to 100% by tomorrow.

Another busy weekend for us... the town starts leaves-pickup tomorrow, so Hillsy and I decided it was time to start raking the gazillion leaves. Here's Hillsy making some good progress out in the front.

The back... that's a different story

I also decided to paint the red chair teal (it's a little darker and less Caribbean blue than the picture shown below, it was still wet when I took the picture). One thing that I have in common with my sister Cecile (aka Ces) is my love for teal!

OK, time to get this week started - I have tons of work for HH and I also want to paint a wall or two.


Rita said...

i also love teal and your blogs are fantastic!!

Lisa M. Dalton said...

I'm re-inspired to hit the thrift shops for some winter projects for my house. Thanks.

Marichelle said...

hi Rita, thank you so much!! Teal is just one of those happy pick me up colors (like yellow!).