Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thought Monsters

Do you ever feel like there's a million things on your TO DO list but you become so consumed with the thought of having a trillion things on your list that you find yourself paralyzed and end up just stressing out about it instead of tackling one thing at a time?

I know, start a list! And that's the thing - I AM an extreme list maker, I live on Post ITs. I have random yellow notes tacked on to every surface, yet I find myself mentally unorganized and can't even get myself to sit and write out a proper to do list. You know what happens? I sit myself down eager to begin organizing but then another thought comes racing into my head and I end up losing track of what I was just thinking.

I think my mind is tired. Sore like hamstrings that have been put through a ton of deadlifts! Picture little thought-monsters running around, sticking out their tongues with tiny little hands and fingers waving by their ears as soon as I wake up and don't let up until I close my eyes for bed! That's sort of how it feels :)

So I ask... if you know exactly what I'm talking about (and I mean REALLY know what I'm talking about, like have actually experienced the thought-monsters first-hand. None of that Stephen Covey stuff! How did you exterminate them out of your head? Meditation? A new planner? A shot of something really really strong?


Anonymous said...

Most difficult/important tasks first! The others will be easier to do, and may even fall off your list of importance.

Anonymous said...

Er, you did say no Covey stuff. My bad :P

Marichelle said...

ok Kimmie - I'm gonna sit down (after I finish this piece of bread with tons of butter on it) and write down everything that's in my head then attempt to group them up in levels of priority. Covey would be proud :)

IamSusie said...

Instead of thinking about the tasks, I get started on actually doing one of them and then I feel some accomplishment. Often the other things I thought were so important become less vital.

Sometimes I have to think that we've gotten along just fine for a long time without me doing that whatever-it-was and its okay to let it go for longer.

Marichelle said...

Thanks Susie! It definitely feels good to slash through a done task! (and do a little victory dance after each one)

kristina said...

wow! i feel this way constantly!
i'm not the best to give advice about's a constant struggle! what works for me is i coach myself to get up, make a cup of tea, and dictating to myself the easy steps, kettle on stove, tea bag in cup, pour water...ect (i know it's silly), then i go seat on my patio, savor each sip of tea, and force myself to not think of anything else but the tea...and somehow miraculously my mind clears up, and almost becomes void. then i just randomly pick a task from my list(i'm a maniacal list maker too), and move on the next, and soon i've scratched a few things for a while until my thoughts start racing again =)