Friday, May 16, 2008

Snack Time

I've always been crazy about snacks. I remember going to the market with my mother (squeaky shoes on) and stocking up on my favorite snacks. Fortunately for me, my mother wasn't very strict when it came to food. The Philippines had the best snacks - Clover chips, Jack & Jill "Chiz" Curls and my all time favorite Jack & Jill Chocolate Covered Pretzels. BUT at the same time, I remember LOVING the American snacks that my aunts used to send over like Pringles, Three Musketeers and M&Ms. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side!

Anyway, I found myself in an Asian grocery store the other day and picked up a few snacks for myself :)

YanYan & Pocky

Hello Kitty Biscuits (not as good as Yan Yan) and Filipino Dried Mangoes (the best!)


Anonymous said...

I saw those Hello Kitty biscuits at M2M and nearly screamed. Asian candy + Hello Kitty = too much happy. There was also a Hello Kitty soft drink.

justgen said...

junk food is my vice...can't seem to give it up. Ran with M&M's in a race once...I ate half my stash, the other half melted all over my short's garter. Joey, my youngest, likes Yan-yan too. Brings it in lunchbox everyday

a cat of impossible colour said...

Hello Kitty makes biscuits?? Why was I not informed??


Pocky are delicious. I only discovered them when I moved to NZ - we have a huge Asian population, particular Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and so there are lots of food shops catering to that.

The only uniquely Zimbabwean snack I remember (apart from local brands of universal things like biscuits and crisps) is biltong - dried and salted meat in little strips. I guess it's like beef jerky? Anyway, it was delicious. I used to get some in the bottom of my stocking at Christmas, until the year the cat ripped the toe of the stocking apart to get at it.

Thank you for your comments on my blog! I'm so happy to be done with the first draft ... now I'm taking a couple of weeks' break and catching up on some sleep after my crazy weekend :)



jade, that's where I found them :)

gen, I remember you and junk food, it's nice to know some things never change!

andrea, Mmmm dried salted meat... my brother and I used to love these dried fish things oddly packaged in toothpicks and plastic. And boy did they stink, but for some reason we really really LOVED it!