Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up: Dentist and Chain Restaurants

The highlight of this weekend was going to my favorite dentist and dental hygienist in the world on Saturday. I haven't been to the dentist in about a year because I didn't have health insurance and figured I would religiously floss and all would be forgiven. Well, it didn't quite work out as I planned - I may have missed a couple of days ;)

Anyway, the cleaning session was pretty bad, so bad that my gums and teeth are still sore from all the scraping and pushing. Fortunately my "no-insurance" excuse was heartfelt by Karen (the best hygienist in the universe) and I wasn't scolded for missing cleaning appointments. If you live in Queens and need a dentist, email me and I'll be happy to share. And yes, I love them so much that I travel all the way to Queens (my old haunt) just to get tortured for an hour.

That's me fascinated by the size of the "free refill" iced tea

I went for the Chipotle Chicken Sandwich. Hey, might as well go for something good (bad)!

I also picked up some bagels from my favorite bagel place (to freeze), it's hard to find good bagels! Last time we were in town, Hillsy and I ate at Cabana - a decent Cuban restaurant. This time, we decided to eat at Uno's... well, because we just don't get too many chain restaurants in the city and we kind of miss them :)


Mj & Gerald said...

oh, thanks for reminding me, Nathan's dentist apptm is today after school! Yeah, i know what u favorite dentist & hygienist are in FortWorth..sometime i feel like travelling for 3 hrs just to get the best dental care!! BTW, if u don't have the sonic elite or similar get one!!! It's an essential!!---MJ

Hester H said...

MJ - could you give me the name of your dentist? i moved to the fort worth area in august and i'm still trying to find a good dentist to go to.. i don't like the one i foung! any recommendations would help!! thanks

~ Hester

Mj & Gerald said...

Hester, It's Dr. J Boyd (817)882-8282. His staff is awesome.. Toni is in charge of the office..scheduling and billing, the 2 female hygienist are both excellent...gosh i forgot their names..overall 5 stars!!!--mj