Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last Night's Dinner #115: Sushi Time

So I gave it a shot last night...

After learning a few tricks from the master sushi class, I finally bought the ingredients and was pretty happy with the results (minus the issues I had with the rolling part). Eventually, I got frustrated with the rolls and switched to the much friendlier Handroll :)

First you have to soak the rice for 5 minutes (2 cups). It's easier if you place the rice in a colander and soak the whole thing in a bigger bowl.

That way, you can just easily drain it out. Then you allow the rice to sit (drained) for 20 minutes.

Make the rice seasoning: 6 tbs of rice vinegar, 3 tbs of sugar and 1 tbs of salt (I added more salt because i was using kosher and not table salt). Set aside.

Don't ask why I have a rice cooker since I don't really eat rice that often. Well, I guess coz I'm Filipino and it's a cultural requirement. Anway, added the rice and 1 and 3/4 cups of water, a tbs of rice vinegar and 1 tbs of cooking sake (I probably added a bit more than that).

Once the rice is cooked, you let it sit there for 20 more minutes and then stir in the seasoning.
And mix like a mad wo/man.

I decided to make Spicy Tuna

Tuna (sushi grade) + mayo + tobasco sauce + scallions + sesame oil


Handrolls are much easier to make

You basically make a cone

I was so frustrated while making the rolls, I forgot to take pics of it :)

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