Friday, April 11, 2008

Last Night's Dinner #105: Poached Salmon with Herb Tomato Salad

I've never poached fish before so when I saw this recipe, I jumped at the chance to give a try.

Unfortunately, I didn't like it very much. Although, I suspect that the quality of the salmon had a lot to do with it. It tasted really fishy! The herb sauce topping was good but nothing to go nuts over. So I won't bother sharing the recipe for the salmon but I'll post the recipe for the tomatoes - they turned out really good!

Poaching bed: lemon slices, tarragon stems, shallots (add wine/water)

Herb sauce: tarragon, parsley, capers, shallots, honey, olive oil

Good thing I decided to cook an herb tomato salad or I would've went to bed hungry. I love grape tomatoes and can eat them like candy (slight exaggeration). This is a great side dish for the Spring/Summer, it's light, full of flavor and low maintenance.

You'll need:
2 pints of grape tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic chopped
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons each of chopped fresh parsley and basil
salt & pepper

Heat up oil, add garlic and cook for a couple of seconds then add parsley and tomatoes. Season well with salt and pepper. Cook until the tomatoes start to pop open. Add basil. You can serve this hot or room temperature. You can drizzle extra olive oil prior to serving.

* for extra flavor I added a pinch of dried parsley and basil to the garlic

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Kevin said...

That meal looks and sounds tasty.