Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Craft Corner

After being uninspired for the entire week, I spent some time last Friday dressing up the corner where it all happens. Not having tons of money to spend, I decided to use the good old twine and clothes pin option. I needed a place to hang magazine rip outs and anything else that I find inspiring at the moment. I'm happy with this option because there's nothing easier than clothespinning paper to a line.

1. Memory hoops 2. Inspiration line 3. Spot reserved for things that I hope to buy one day 4. My friend Lynda gave away wooden chimes as her wedding give-away. I love the sound it makes, but unfortunately I don't have a patio or a backyard . So I hung it on a curtain rod and every time I pass the curtains on my way to the bathroom, I hear the zen-like sounds of the chime.

I know the whole fabric in embroidery hoop thing has been done done done, but I'm using it more like a scrapbook rather than a decorative element - although I must admit it doesn't look too shabby. Fabrics that I've used in my past projects are all up there - Christmas letter ornaments, yarn from my scarves, canvas from my zippered pouches etc.

P.S. It worked! A couple of hours later, I was in a craft-zone =)


Farmer Butch said...

incredible creativity, lil sis!


Thanks kuya.