Friday, November 30, 2007

Monogrammed Ornaments

I made a "J" and an "M" for our tree to be - Sunday is the day and I can't wait! I used vintage fabric that I bought a while ago from a market and filled each one with 100% natural cotton filling.

The "J" came out much better than the "M"

After making our initials I got addicted and started making random letters.

Work in progress

I was thinking about posting some for sale next week ($5-$8 each depending on fabric and embellishment). I won't have every single alphabet, so if you want a specific letter - feel free to email me and I'll see what I can do. So far, I have M, E, S, and J. I'm having some issues with the A's but I'm hoping to sort that out.

Signing off for the day... have a great weekend - speak to you on Monday.


Tommy said...

baby sis, I would like to place my order, please make me a G, L, B, and another L. Thanks!

Tommy said...

oh and the last letters on my order (B and L) make the fabric identical for two boys okiedokie. The G and L are obviously for mr. grantie and ms. i'm sure you know what to do with those. p.s., can I get these by Dec 15 you think?


Thanks Tom - knew I could count on the family to support my fabric habit =). I can definitely get those out to you by the 15th.

dfth said...

please don't forget to include an invoice OK. we have to make this official. And do you have a customer service line in case i have questions? ;-)

Thank you!