Friday, January 25, 2008


You know how I've been feverishly working day and night on my zipper pouches - partly because I was hoping to be part of an online market .... well I sent the email last night along with a bigger version of this photograph requesting to be part of the market and...

I'm in! Thank you Jan for getting back to me so soon! I'm officially participating in the February Poppytalk Handmade Street Market from February 11 to March 8. I can't wait. Go check out the current market "Love Transforms". Trouble is, now I have more ideas popping in my head and I want to make more stuff --- uh oh.


IamSusie said...

Congrats on getting in! I love these little zipper pouches, especially the one with the bright buttons. I like selling stuff at fairs better than on etsy because you can interact with people. I guess I am far too casual about my etsy shop to really compare!

Good luck!


Thanks Susie! One day I hope to have enough guts to sell at a market/fair =)