Friday, November 16, 2007

Last Night's Dinner #61: Nobu 57 Recipes

I caught Matthew Hoyle, executive chef at Nobu 57 on Martha last week and I had to try the recipes that he shared.

I wasn't very successful the last time I cooked scallops, but I think I definitely redeemed myself last night. This dish was pretty impressive both in the looks and the taste departments.

Scallops & Brussels Sprouts with Jalapeño Dressing

Roasted chestnuts are tasty enough on their own, but this soy caramel adds a savory twist. A pinch of coarse salt at the end and I can munch on these like popcorn!

Roasted Chestnuts in Soy Caramel

I won't lie - these two dishes definitely require some prep time, so I would save it for a weekend treat. But definitely worth it!

Trim and release the individual leaves

Cut X's to release steam. Roast for 15 mins/450F degrees. Peel immediately.

Cooking Notes:
:: I cut the soy caramel recipe in half and still had plenty of leftovers for another batch.
:: Be careful when adding the sake and soy sauce to the melted brown sugar - it has a tendency to bubble up.
:: I followed the Jalapeño dressing recipe and discarded half of the jalapeño seeds - I would add all of the seeds in, I didn't think it had enough heat.

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MJ said...

these yummydelicious recipes wanting me to visit you there so i could sample your cooking!!! I'm really impressed, sis!! You've come a long way, baby sis!!!--MJ