Thursday, December 6, 2007

How to: Get Inspired

I love reading inspiring stories about entrepreneurs. Here are a few links to my favorite sources for both stories and business ideas.

Crafty Synergy is a blog dedicated to interviews with inspiring artists.

Make It is one of my favorite blogs to read. Shannon is the woman behind rifferaff. She creates beautiful silkscreened papers. She just launched her business a couple of months ago and she 's been documenting the entire process, from her frustrations with suppliers to a handful of really useful tips.

Here's a great interview with one of my personal idols Amanda Soule.

New York Magazine's Change your life series walks you through starting your own bakery, wine shop and restaurant, including details on what it really takes.

is a great resource for business ideas for those of you who have the bug but haven't quite figured out what type of business to jump into.
"Launching is for every woman. Whether you are launching a business, creative hobby, passion or artistic endeavor, Ladies Who Launch gives you the tools, inspiration and network of like-minded, lifestyle-oriented women to make any dream a reality, or take anything you've already launched to new heights."

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