Thursday, December 6, 2007

Still sick

Being sick is the worst. Not only did I miss dinner with my friends at Mercer Kitchen (that took a month to organize) but I also had to pass on seeing Martha again (Z got tickets)!!

My nose is so sore from tissues and every time I stand up I see stars. I've also never watched so much TV in my life. I wish I could work on projects but focusing on anything too long gets me dizzy. So I've just been sitting on the sofa bundled up in a blanket, armed with a box of tissues and sipping lemon & honey water.

I'm also getting tired of eating soup for dinner, but it doesn't really matter because my taste buds are completely shot.

I haven't been outside my apartment since Sunday morning! Sorry postings have been a little sparse lately, I just haven't been doing anything worth writing about...unless you want a daily breakdown of the Jerry Springer, Maury and Tyra show. I HATE BEING SICK.


Karen said...

awww...feel better!!! martha wasn't the same without you...we didn't have a guest...and martha was sick too!!! did miss a funny spectacle...2 flip girls dressed EXACTLY the same!!! how corny is that???!!!

gheng said...

Hope you'll feel a lot better real soon!!! :-)