Friday, December 7, 2007

Last Night's Dinner #68: Barilla Tortelloni

Since I've been under the weather I thought it was a perfect time to try the Barilla ready made pastas. Hopes weren't high, but for someone who grew up on SPAM - I'm willing to try most things at least once.

I'm not sure if my bad cold led to a warped sense of taste, but I was definitely NOT impressed with the Garlic & Cheese Tortelloni. The pasta was decent but the filling was stiff and salty. I made a simple sage and brown butter sauce to go along with it because I wanted to taste as much of the product as possible.

So, I'm sure there are lots of other options for dinner even if I was pressed for time. Spaghetti with fresh lemon and butter would be as easy, more satisfying and probably healthier.

MJ - I guess I'll take your advice and give the Bertoli brand a try next.


Karen said...

hmm...i usually use the Barilla spinach/ricotta tortellinis (the smaller ones) and they're pretty good. i usually make it with a creamy tomato sauce.


karen, maybe your sauce is so good that it hides it =)