Thursday, September 13, 2007

Beauty: September Must-try's

I get so excited when I see a stuffed magazine in my tiny mailbox. I also get anxious because I know that I'll soon be ripping out sheets and sheets of must-try products. Here's what caught my eyes this month...

Wonder Wand, Laura Geller
A sheer, light-reflective loose powder for the eyes.

What it does:
Supposedly a small touch of it can make you look more wide awake and refreshed. (

Intense XXL™ Volume & Length Waterproof Microfiber Mascara

What it does:
This mascara creates up to 60% longer lashes and 7X the volume. No clumps And it’s waterproof! (

Nature's Cure Body Acne Treatment Spray

What it does:
Ever since I started spinning, my back has grown super sensitive to my own sweat! It now tends to break out if i don’t hit the showers immediately. I know, sexxxy. This product claims to clear and prevent acne on hard to reach places. Hmmm, other than the back, I'm not sure I want to know other hard to reach places that could possibly be victimized by acne! (

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers Natural Radiant Look SPF 30

What it does:
Provide sheer, natural-looking coverage for a radiant glow, plus SPF 30 and skin-friendly anti-oxidants to safeguard skin from environmental damage. Who doesn't want to look radiant and safeguard themselves against radicals?? (

OPI La paz-itively Hot

What it does:
I know it looks a little out there... a little "I threw up pepto all over my nails and allowed it to set overnight", but it supposedly flatters all skin tones. I think we have about 2 more weeks of fuchsia pink acceptable weather =)

Armani, Eyeshadow #1 (Navy)

What it does:
As the weather cools, makeup meltdown will be a thing of the past. I had some bad experiences with blue eyeshadow in my heyday (hi Lyn!) but I think I may be able to redeem myself with this royal blue-toned shadow by my side. (


MJ said...

Yeah, I definetely need a wander wand in the morning when I drop Nathan off to K school with my lounging gears! And definetely on my 2nd trip to ANastasia's learning ctr. What i have is the bare essentuals eye powder, it works great so far but I think this Geller wand is better, I'll check it out at Sephora.--MJ

Ces said...

Have you tried Eye bright by Benefit. I got this product from Sephora and it's great - works the same principle guess with the wander wand. The intense XXL i am using... great product and a lot cheaper compared to other brands.

Marichelle said...

Thx Ces, I'll def try the XXL now!