Monday, August 27, 2007

Writing for the Web

(thanks again!) just sent me this awesome link to 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web.

1. Write for a reason
2. Write often
3. Write tight
4. Make good friends
5. Find good enemies
6. Let the story unfold
7. Stand up, speak out
8. Be sexy
9. Use your archives
10. Relax!

I've been writing this blog for almost three months now and I don't feel as though I've found my true voice yet. It's a daily struggle to come up with read and/or write-worthy posts. I'm even starting to get writer's block. But what I always try and remember is that I have to continue enjoying it for myself. Whenever I get bummed about my readership, I just remind myself that I'm not doing this for money, so who cares if I have 4, 40 or 4000 unique visitors?! Lifeflix is simply an outlet for me to share what I'm learning on this trip we call life. If people find it interesting enough to check out on a daily basis then I'm super happy, if not - that's ok too.

What matters most is that it remains something that I look forward to each and everyday (well... except the weekends of course - even the unemployed need their breaks!)


Z said...

And it's also something I also look forward to reading each day!!!!

Marichelle said...

awwww - thanks Z!!!