Friday, August 17, 2007

Beauty: Kiehls

This morning I read that Kiehls will be adding more products to their Dermatologist Solutions line (I didn't even realize that they had one). I haven't purchased anything from Kiehls in such a long time. I remember being obsessed with the brand back in college, they had so much editorial coverage back then and I always loved that fact that they were never stingy with samples. I remember trying two of their toners (Blue Astringent and Tea Tree Oil formulas) hoping that it would help clear up my skin - unfortunately it didn't. I always thought that Kiehls would be a perfect beauty line if only I had decent skin, it just wasn't strong enough to combat acne-based issues. Fortunately for me, Zandra introduced me to Sulfacet (Rx only) junior year and I said buh-bye to acne! So maybe I'll give them a try again, although I'm very happy with my current beauty regimen (hmmm, sounds like a post idea - I love finding out about other people's regimens)

To my 3 male readers: (or girlfriends, moms and sisters)

I highly recommend the Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream - White Eagle or the Blue Eagle formula if you have sensitive skin. I bought this for my ex-husband years and years ago and it even outlasted our marriage =) Facial Fuel is also another great product.

Anyway, I hopped over to the Kiehls site and realized that they've redesigned it since I was last there (a long time ago). The site looks good, they've even incorporated customer reviews. I also can't believe they have a "For your Dog" line. Free ground shipping for $75 orders and up.

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