Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting Ready for the Holidays


Our tree is finally up!!! AND I'm practically done with my Christmas shopping woohooo!!

I'm so happy with the candy cane garland I purchased from Lancaster Market, such a great source for Christmas tree decorations - I also loved these (but I was over budget, maybe next year). See that white/gold bird cage? I bought a special Eric Cortina ornament from a local shop (Perch Home) for Emma's first Christmas - not only is it beautifully handpainted but the little "EC" metal tag is perfect for my little EC.


Ez said...

Oh your tree looks SO beautiful this year Marichelle! I adore your decorations and color scheme. And what a perfect 1st ornament for little Emma (a CAGED bird of course). ;-) xox Ez

abby jenkins said...

I am crazy about that garland and thanks for the great new source for me..Lancaster Market... love their stuff!

If you have nothing to do you can always come over and help me wrap the rst of my Operation Santa presents! only three bags completed, 27 more to go....

jennifer ▲ i art u said...

so beautiful!!! what a charming tree!