Thursday, July 15, 2010

How To: Fabric & Marker Painted Decals


Hi again! Please go and check out my DIY: Decals guest post on Kelly's awesome blog Make Grow Gather. Thanks for asking me to be a part of your Lazy Summer: Summercraft series Kelly!


Ez said...

You are ridiculous Marichelle! I love this! Eeee!
P.S. Are the raindrops upside-down? ;-)

Marichelle said...

lol. Why yes they are Ez. I wanted to capture the essence of vapors and illustrate the process of rain and clouds :P

Unknown said...

Wow... Rich, looks like you'll be a great mom =) said...

what a cute idea!! thanks for sharing, Marichelle!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Ah yes....the essence of vapors & the illustration of the process of rain & clouds....I did my dissertation on that, VERY often overlooked subject. ;) ;>!!! ( you are just plain ole silly) AND just amazing with all of the gorgeous crafts you are puttin out my friend! Ack! I want these ( as you probably already know) off to check it all out over at Kelly's.

Marichelle said...

Thanks Charles and Katrina!
Melis, so so overlooked :) You've been gone waaaay too long!

fabienne said...

just saw the cutest baby store in paris and bought a very pretty baby playing mat, things for the bed and a cashmere blanket. she only has indepdt designer stuff. if u wanna export baby crations to france ;-)