Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feeling... Better

Ah what a difference a day makes!

Thanks again for all of your words of encouragement, I'm happy to report that I got my shit together this morning and took another stab at it. These (cloth) storage boxes from IKEA are a god-send. They're perfect for organizing tiny tiny clothes. Folding, rolling and organizing (short sleeve onesies, long-sleeve gowns, etc) the chaos felt invigorating unlike yesterday's fiasco. I guess I just needed to apply my anal-ness to this whole baby thing. As a first timer, sometimes it's hard to see through the weeds. Organizing baby clothes, blankets, towels is just like organizing craft supplies, sillly! I'm thinking that as long as I approach it this way - applying the same coping skills I have for more familiar issues, I'll have less freak-outs!? Hmm perhaps a spreadsheet :)


The Mr also helped put things in perspective. Sometimes tough love is annoying, especially when you just need someone to share in your sorrows and egg you on. But he's so right this time. There are more important things to worry about. Having too much is a better problem than not having enough. AND I need to get over the whole pink thing or else it'll just bite me in the ass. I've been so obsessed with not going overboard with the whole pink thing. Why? I don't really know, just something that I've managed to set my mind to. Honestly, I need to get over it and accept the fact that one day she might just gravitate towards it (like 90% of all girls), so why drive myself nuts over it? There are worst things to gravitate towards! Like purple. Just kidding. So instead of whining about it, I should be more grateful that we have all these things - pink or not. We're lucky that we won't need to buy additional clothes for her and she'll be spitting, puking and crapping all over herself in the first couple of months right? I've been such a momzilla. Bad. Can I get a pass this time and play the hormonal/pregnancy card? Pretty please?

OK. I'm off to find nursing bras! I'm attempting to pack my hospital bag and apparently it's a key item to have. What was in your overnight bag? Any useless items or things you wish you had?


Liza said...

Having just completed my 2nd tour of duty in the maternity ward, here are some suggestions on what you might want to include in your hospital bag:
1. a pillow of your own (hospital pillows are so weak, plus, you'll want the extra support for when you nurse the baby)
2. a little toy or blanket from home that you can put in the baby's bassinet so you can always pick her out when she's in the nursery (even if you have her room with you, they'll need to take her to the nursery occasionally for check-ups)
3. snacks/drinks for you and the Mr., for both pre-birth and post-partum
4. underwear you don't care about
5. Super duper maxi pads
6. Phone/camera chargers!

Jeffrey said...

I love the organization!!! I am going to have to pick some up for my own drawers for belts, etc. So glad you are feeling better, and so very excited for you! :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Aw...sweet Marichelle. You are so NOT a momzilla! You have to cut yourself a whole bunch of slack, this is not an easy thing you are doing. You are doing so incredibly well, I know first hand. And it is all such a learning curve...I will remind you to go easy on yourself, okay? Things I was so happy I had in my bag: a computer to watch movies on, snacks, my own pillow, lots of undies, slippers, a robe and pads are key but, in your case Mountainside provides the best ones. :) And those drawers are really appealing to my organizing nature! :)
ps GIA!

Karen said... and the pink...reminds me of when i was having julia...i didn't want pink...even painted her room yellow...but, as you well know....the only thing she likes to wear is PINK :-( so, i can give you all her hand-me-downs when emma starts looking for all things pink :-)
as for your bag...maxi pads, nursing bra, nipple pads, lansinoh lanolin nipple cream (a god send!), your going home outfit, pj's, the baby's going home outfit, ipod, camera, socks....and your phone so you can call us when you're in full labor :-)

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

My favorite thing I brought with me to the hospital is my laptop!!!

Love how organized the drawer is. I am going to have to find these!

Lane said...

i second the snacks, pillow,underwear and your own pads. If you have a boppy and if you want some comfy clothing rather than the nightgowns there. You should feel like your moving in...

Ez said...

Sounds like you got some great recommendations for your bag Biz! Be sure to pack one for J-sauce too. He's going to want some wholesome snacks, water, a book or two, a warmer sweater in case it gets chilly (you know how hospitals are), camera, games on his iPhone and of course his phone/camera charger too.
Emma's almost here! Woohoo! xo Ez

kribss said...

lip balm! my lips were SO dry + chapped afterwards. just my 2 cents.

Paige said...

I LOVED the "honey suckles" reusable nursing pads by Party In My Pants... but you will definatly want disposable ones for the first few days/weeks.

Also... on the nursing bras... I couldn't stand them, and I tried 5-6 different brands. I have LIVED in the Target Nursing tanks for the last 18 months! They are super soft and comfortable, plus, when you lift your shirt to nurse, your whole stomach/back isn't exposed to the world. Very similar to the GlamourMOM, but only $16. I think I own 8 of them... with doubles in every color!

Marichelle said...

Thanks guys!! All VERY good suggestions and will definitely add it to my list! Paige, I bought 4 of those tanks so far! They're great!!

controlling craziness said...

I was so anti-pink with my first daughter. I did her scrapbook in peach and teal green, anything but pink. And she turned into the most frilly loving, princess pink wearing girl of all time. Go figure?
Oh, and one thing that is good to take to the hospital is some lip balm. And a notebook/laptop to write down your thoughts afterward.
Good luck!