Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy anniversary to me

So it's official, I've been in "temporary retirement" for one year!!!
I would've forgotten if Kathy (a friend I met at my last job) didn't remind me. So what was the year like?

Let's see....
I started sewing, knitting, and other fun crafty things.
I started this blog.
I opened an Etsy shop and I have my dear dear friends and family to thank for a bulk of the purchases.
I speak and see my friends more often and have renewed a couple of friendships.
I cooked over 100 dinners + Hillsy's tummy is happy!
I'm probably the most fit I've been, now that I have time/energy to go to the gym.
I try to call at least one family member a week (I have my parents, 3 sisters and 2 brothers).
I earned $40 for sitting in a courtroom waiting to be chosen (I never got chosen).
I started Heart Handmade and it has opened a whole new world for me and I've met some really wonderful people!
Oh and I almost forgot, I'm so much for thankful for things now! And patient. For instance, when I see people acting all crazy and rushing into a frenzy - I tell myself that he/she probably just came from work and is super frustrated with that one annoying person that makes your life a living hell at work... then I just brush it off.

I'm a lucky and happy gal. It's frustrating and amazing at the same time but I'm learning to ride the waves of life and looking forward to next one. I was on the phone with Zandra last night and she is right, life is funny like that - coz you just never know!


quaint handmade said...

happy anniversary! you've kept yourself very busy, which is normally an issue for most "retirees".

heart handmade is wonderful and it seems like it's your calling. it's a great place to visit for those who create themselves and/or appreciate handwork.

cheers ... cindy


thanks Cindy!! And thank you so much for the super nice comments about Heart Handmade :))

K-Rod said...

happy anniversary...a year goes by so fast. i feel like it was just yesterday we were going to Starbucks to bitch about G.R. :) Hope to see you soon!