Thursday, December 13, 2007

Last Night's Dinner #70: Spaghetti, Egg & Bacon

I was wrapped up in preparing for tonight's dinner that I completely had nothing planned last night. Two friends are coming over tonight for a special Filipino Dinner - neither one is Filipino so I'm super excited for them to try out the food. More on that tomorrow!

Anyway, so for last night I had to come up with something quick and easy coz I had spent what felt like the entire day in the kitchen prepping for today. Plus Hillsy called to say that he was feeling under the weather and I didn't want him coming home to nothing but a dirty kitchen. Luckily I had slices of slab bacon and I knew that that would instantly brighten up his day.

So if you're ever in a pinch for dinner - Carbonara is one of the easiest, fastest, man and kid friendly (or whoever you're cooking for) dishes to whip out in minutes. I've made this tons and tons of times before, I guess it's one of my go-to dishes.

Boil spaghetti in really salty water. Grate about 3/4 cup fresh Parmesan cheese. Set aside. Eggs - separate the yolks from the whites (one egg per person) and set aside. When you have 5 minutes left in spaghetti cooking time - begin cooking the bacon (the thicker the better) just until it starts to crisp up.

The following should be done in seconds - you want the pasta hot so that it cooks the eggs. Transfer pasta directly from the boiling water to your bacon pan, along with about 1/2 cup of the pasta water (add more if it's still dry). Remove pan from heat. Quickly add cheese, egg whites - stir like mad so you don't end up with scrambled eggs. Quickly serve with egg yolk on top (again, the heat of the pasta will "cook" the egg). Add grated fresh black pepper and more cheese on top.

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dfth said...

Could you pls ask your guests to post feedback about last night's dinner? It would be cool to see critic's corner.