Friday, December 14, 2007

Dear Santa... Part 5 - Home

My list for the home is pretty short compared to the other wishlists. I guess my focus is more on cooking and crafting these days and I haven't dedicated much time to decorating or fixing up the apartment. I'm actually pretty content with how things are in our home (for now). But more importantly - unless we start throwing things away, we really don't have much space for anything else.

So here are a couple of things that I have been admiring from afar.

Emma Jeffs' films offer a beautiful and practical solution for windows, offering privacy but not sacrificing the natural light. I love this curtain alternative. Just peel and stick!

Love love love this Jorg & Olif bike. If I only had room to store it and about $800 to spare...

I will eventually get around to repainting the apartment and when I do, I would love to color one of the rooms in this color...

Happy Friday! The dinner party went well - more on that later.

See crafting, food & cooking, clothing and makeup wishlists.

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