Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up: A 25-Hour Day

It's so nice to wake up at 10am only to realize that it's only 9am. I love gaining an hour (daylight savings)... and then the love immediately turns sour once I realize that it will be pitch black by the time 5pm rolls around.

I was unprepared for the sudden chill in the air - walking around Saturday morning in Union Square was not as pleasant as its been for the past couple of months. Inspired by the biting wind from Saturday, I spent most of Sunday sadly putting away summer clothes in exchange for sweaters, tights, and socks.

I also decided to bake but wasn't too impressed with the end result. I love super sweet desserts and this one just wasn't sweet enough for this sweet-tooth. It was a recipe from one of my chocolate handbooks - White Chocolate Coconut Squares. Although the coconut filling was quite impressive. I would probably add condensed milk to it and a lot more sugar to the shortbread dough. Overall, I don't think it was worth the effort.

We couldn't be bothered to go to the movie theater, but we finally got around to watching a Netflix movie that's been sitting on the side table for god knows how long - Iraq in Fragments. It started out fairly weak but managed to pick itself up and turned out to be a pretty interesting and thought provoking documentary about Iraq and the US occupation. It was a 3-part doc that focused mainly on three views, represented by the three dominant groups in Iraq - the Sunnis, the Shias and the Kurds.

I usually get obsessed with a specific cuisine when it comes to ordering in. This weekend - it was sushi's turn. I haven't been in the mood for sushi ever since I got food poisoning last Christmas, but it looks as though the bug is back - we had it for dinner on both Saturday and Sunday night =)

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