Friday, October 5, 2007

A tourist in my own town

My friend Paolo and I meet up once in a blue moon. Usually it's for a quick dinner but this time, he was adamant about doing something different. Why do we always have to eat when we meet?, he asked. He always had this fascination with tourist spots but me being too Ms busy body back in the day... would always say ya ya ya sure whatever. Well, since I've turned over a new leaf I was all open arms about it this time.

Isn't it so easy to take your own city for granted? I've lived here for god knows how many years and can you believe that I haven't even been up the Statue of Liberty!

So yesterday with camera wrapped around my neck (ok that's an exaggeration, but the strap was around my wrist) we went to the American Museum of Natural History and took a guided tour. We also watched a new space show - Cosmic Collisions at the Hayden Planetarium (that was my favorite part).

I hope we continue this quest of exploring places and doing things that we often pass up simply because they're in our own backyards.

Where next? We talked about renting a boat and paddling our way around Central Park.

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