Thursday, October 4, 2007

My first headband DONE!

This was inspired by Z's Anthropologie headband. I don't think I have the best head shape for headbands but having bangs/fringes on your face 24 hours a day can drive a girl nuts. Oh and if you're sick of seeing this fabric, don't worry this is the last of it... woohoo!!!

Karen suggested that I use a "doody band" instead of a traditional elastic - she shares the same problems I have with these things (after a couple of hours it a. finds its way off of my wacky pumpkin head OR b. I start to get a headache and I'm forced to rip it off myself) so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

My machine was giving me some issues with the satin edge stitch so I had to hand sew the band on. Not really sure why, but it kept stalling and eating up the thread from the satin-edge. I'll have to find a work around or figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I've been wearing it for three hours now and it's still on but I do sense a slight tightness in the head region =)


AW said...

great job!! it look awesome!

Karen said...

yes - i still get a slight headache after a few hours...but i guess that's the sacrifice you have to make to be able to wear a headband...kind of like a nice pair of shoes :-) much do i have to pay you to make me one??? you know i don't own a sewing machine...and the fabrics in NJ are...well...can we say...CRAYOLA??? :-P

The Cooking Ninja said...

What a great job! Nice headband :)

Z said...

Nice!!! Love it.... Looks just like the anthropologie one... What's next??? I'm going to try that again after my bear...Do I really have to work??? No craft time for me...BOOOO!!!

Marichelle said...

Thanks for the encouragement guys!
Karen, we may be able to work out some sort of Michael's supply run trade ;-)

Tom said...

Hey Crafty Chelle, Add this order to my cart (first order was the LL Cool J animal) -

Could you make a Men's version a.k.a. bandana? I haven't had a haircut in months so I've been using a bandana during my workouts and hip hop lessons. Don't forget to put your brand logo on it (I can picture the letters, MB with some kind of bird, not sure why).

What do you think? Shipment expected to arrrive by Christmas '07 you think?

Hillsy said...

Bandana? Are you planning on joining the WWE or something?

"Ladieeessss and Gentlemen, introducing the Mangler from Manila, the Sinegang Slayer, the Kare-Kare Killer, the Panicit Punisher, the one and only.......Legend....Of.....Lintik."

Lifeflix, can you also knit him a Jamaican-style string vest and a sports necklace with special magnetic healing powers?

Tom said...

no, UFC.

I like the vest idea..let me think about that one before you add it to my cart craftychelle. not a bad idea to strut around in a jamaican style vest and bust out singing, "loosen uppppp myyyy butttttttons baaaaaaabe."

Marichelle said...

As your sister, I'm going to have to say NO to this request (only because I love you). I think what you're asking for is way worse than a man-purse ;-)

As for the LL COOL J request... I've been thinking about this one and unfortunately I've come to the conclusion that my crafting has not quite matured to that level yet. However, I am working on something really special for you. It might take a while but be assured that one day you will receive it (but it is so worth the wait)!!!